We offer payment options to suit the particular preference of each client. 


We accept payment by check or money order. Please make your check or money order payable to: "Law Offices of Jason E. Korta". You may send your check or money order to either our Boston or New York office. 


We offer secure payment for your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card. We are currently developing a portal to provide credit payments online. Until then, please contact one of our offices for more details on paying for your legal services by credit card.


Economyflexibility, and predictability. Our clients may choose flat-fee billing, traditional hourly-rate billing, or a combination thereof. But whatever billing method a client chooses, we provide accurate cost projections because our clients deserve to know how much legal services will cost them.


Flat-fee billing affords our clients with the greatest opportunity to budget their legal fees, but it also offers the least flexibility for our clients who have legal issues that do not neatly fit within a box. The firm requires a retainer fee (usually $500). The client pays the remaining sum upon completion of the matter. Although we cannot quote a flat fee without knowing the particulars issues of each case, we can provide a rough estimate for some of our more popular legal services: 

  • Forming a business organization                 $ 1,500.00

  • Drafting a commercial sales contract          $ 500.00 or three percent of the sales price                      

  • Drafting an employment agreement           $ 500.00

  • Forming a political organization--e.g.,        $ 500.00

          candidate campaign or political action 

          committee (PAC)

  • Filing campaign finance reports                  $ 100.00, plus 3% of filings


  • Forming a nonprofit organization               $ 500.00

  • Filling lobbyist registration                         $ 350.00

  • Filing lobbyist disclosure forms                  $ 500.00



Some legal services do not lend themselves to flat-fee billing. For instance, flat-fee billing would not be appropriate for advice to a political campaign as to whether they may accept a particular contribution or advice to a business with respect to their rights and obligations under a particular sales contract. Additionally, some clients prefer hourly billing, as it provides added flexibility. 

We carefully define the scope of each matter and provide honest cost estimates for each client that selects the hourly-billing method of billing. We require a retainer fee (usually $500). Upon completion of the matter, the client pays the remaining sum. Our billing rate is $125/hour.