Our clients are entrepreneurs and owners of small and mid-market companies that often risk their own money to succeed in business. They usually have personal concerns related to their business that involve family members, managers, employees, or the communities in which they operate. We appreciate the risk our clients take and the importance they place on success. 

  • Preparing for the Sale

  • Valuation 

  • Due Diligence 

  • Investment Bank Engagement Letters

  • Confidentiality Agreements 

  • Tax Issues and Structuring the Purchase

  • Intellectual Property Issues

  • Employment Issues 


Employment law is a complicated labyrinth of rules and regulations. Let us help you navigate through some of the most common issues in employment law so that you may focus on growing your business. 

  • Hiring 

  • Compensation 

  • Benefits 

  • Employee Privacy 

  • Disciplinary Actions 

  • Termination 

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Religious Discrimination & Accommodation

  • Affirmative Action 

  • Independent Contractors 

  • Safety & Health

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business Formation

Selecting the right form of business organization is important. The best organization allows you to appropriately manage risk, facilitate investment, reduce taxes, and control your business. Let us help you choose the organization that best suits your unique needs. 

  • Corporation 

  • Limited Liability Company 

  • Partnership 

  • Sole Proprietorship 


We offer practical solutions for the most common commercial transaction issues. Whether you need new airtight contracts or expert analysis of your rights under an existing contract, we are here to help. 

  • Sales transactions

  • Lease of goods 

  • Letters of credit transactions

  • Equipment financing 

  • Inventory financing 

  • Consumer goods financing 


There is no substitute for a skillful business law attorney. Our command of business laws and regulations allows us to provide premier legal services to new and growing businesses of all kinds.

Because we understand that legal solutions cannot exist in a vacuum, our first priority is to take a full account of each client's practical business challenges and opportunities. We fully address each business issue and answer all business law questions. 

Our commitment to crafting cost effective and powerful legal solutions for each client is unmatched in the legal industry.