The federal government, all 50 states, and many localities currently impose some form of ethics restrictions on their elected officials--and many regulatory regimes also implicate the activities of high-level appointed officials or even all public employees and officials. No two jurisdictions have identical requirements in this area, which creates a complicated matrix of rules for individuals to navigate. We can answer your ethics questions so that you can get on what the business of governing. 

  • Conflicts of interest

  • Gifts 

  • Expenditures 

  • Travel

  • Post-employment restrictions 

  • Procurement

  • Solicitation of political contributions


Campaign finance rules are complex and forever evolving, but successful political candidates, political parties, lobbyists, government officials, political action committees, and politically-active nonprofit organizations must master the system's intricacies. Serious penalties and unfortunate negative publicity awaits violators of the system. Perhaps more importantly, massive opportunities are lost to those who operate under the rules of the old system. We can answer your questions, develop an efficient legal strategy for financing your political activities, and submit all necessary filings to the Federal Election Commission. 

  • Contributions 

  • Expenditures

  • Reporting requirements 

  • Public financing 


Advocacy through lobbying has been a central party of the ebb and flow of political activity in the nation's capital and in the various state capitals since the early days of the republic. Although lobbying is an essential part of representative government and the democratic process, Congress and the states have the authority to write reasonable rules to govern how this activity will take place. We can help you understand these requirements, avoid pitfalls, develop an efficient lobbying strategy, and file all the required paperwork. 

  • Deductibility of lobbying expenses 

  • Registration

  • Record keeping

  • Prohibited practices

  • Corporate compliance

  • Government contractors and bidders 

  • Tax-exempt charitable organizations and their lobbyists

Political organizations

Structuring your political organization is essential to achieving your goals. The form of political organization you choose impacts the way you raise money, expend resources, report finances, advertise, and engage with other candidates or political organizations. 

  • Candidate campaign for political office

  • Political action committee (PAC) 

  • Super PAC

  • Politically-active nonprofit organization

  • Political party 

  • Multi-entity organization

Staff & Volunteers

Employment law can appear as a complicated labyrinth of rules and regulations. Let us help you navigate through some of the most common issues in employment law so that you may focus on achieving your political goals. 

  • Hiring 

  • Compensation

  • Benefits 

  • Employee privacy

  • Disciplinary actions

  • Termination

  • Sexual harassment 

  • Religious discrimination and accommodation

  • Affirmative Action

  • Independent contractors

  • Safety and health

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We provide top-notch legal services to campaigns, lobbyists, government officials and employees, for-profit corporations, and politically active nonprofit organizations. Because we understand that effective legal solutions cannot exist in a vacuum, our first priority is to take a full account of each client's practical political challenges and opportunities. Our commitment to crafting cost effective and powerful legal solutions for each client is unmatched in the legal industry.