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Nonprofit Organizations

We provide top-notch legal services to your new or growing nonprofit organization. Because we understand that effective legal solutions cannot exist in a vacuum, our first priority is to take a full account of your practical charitable challenges and opportunities. Our commitment to crafting cost effective and powerful legal solutions for each client is unmatched in the legal industry. 


Fundraising is a necessary component of most nonprofit organizations. Improper fundraising, however, can lead to a revocation of your organization's nonprofit status. Let us guide your fundraising activities so that you may grow your organization without risking your organization's nonprofit status.

  • Charitable solicitation 

  • Tax-exempt financing 

  • Unrelated business income

  • Sale, disposition, and change of use of assets


Nonprofit organizations of all kinds engage in various forms of lobbying activity. Improper lobbying activity, however, can result in the revocation of your organization's nonprofit status. Let us guide your lobbying activity so that you may work to achieve your organization's purpose through lobbying without risking your organization's nonprofit status.

  • Grassroots organizing 

  • Direct lobbying 

  • Issue advertising 

  • Participation in political campaigns 


Employment law can appear as a complicated labyrinth of rules and regulations. Let us help you navigate through some of the most common issues in employment law so that you can focus on your nonprofit organization's purpose.

  • Hiring 

  • Compensation 

  • Benefits 

  • Employee privacy 

  • Disciplinary actions 

  • Termination 

  • Special issues: sexual harassment | religious discrimination and accommodation | Affirmative Action | independent contractors | safety & health 


Many nonprofit organizations qualify for a property tax exemption. The rules for obtaining a tax exemption and keeping an exemption can be difficult to follow. So, let us guide you.  

  • Obtain an exemption 

  • Keeping an exemption 

  • Contesting a refusal to grant an exemption

nonprofit Organization

Selecting the right form for your nonprofit organization is important. The right form allows you to appropriately manage risk, facilitate investment, reduce your tax burden, and control your organization. Benefit from our specialized non profit law expertise. Let us help you weigh these factors, answer your non profit law questions, and implement your decision. 

  • Corporation 

  • Limited liability company 

  • Trust 

  • Unincorporated association 

Tax exemption qualification

Many organizational purposes qualify for tax exemption under the Internal Revenue Code. Look to see if your organization's purpose qualifies for a tax exemption and contact us to discuss your options. 

  • Religious 

  • Charitable 

  • Scientific 

  • Literary or educational 

  • Social welfare 

  • Labor unions and agricultural organizations

  • Business leagues or trade associations 

  • Social clubs

  • Political organizations

  • Cemetery companies 

  • State-chartered credit unions and mutual reserve funds

  • Group legal services organizations

  • Cooperative hospital service organizations

  • Amateur sports organizations

  • Childcare organizations

  • Homeowners' associations 

  • Farmers' cooperatives 


The directors and officers of your nonprofit organization cannot perform their duties while exposed to undue liability. Selecting the appropriate form for your nonprofit organization helps reduce the risk to your officers and directors. But often times more protection is necessary. We can help.

  • Statutory and common law protections

  • Indemnification 

  • Insurance