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Welcome to the Law Offices of Jason E. Korta. We are a boutique firm with offices in Boston and New York that provides expert legal solutions for entrepreneurs, businesses, lobbyists, government officials, political campaigns, and nonprofit organizations. Our clear, prompt, and cost effective legal services provide uncommonly powerful legal solutions for each client.


Our clients often face complex problems that call for sophisticated solutions. We carefully detail each aspect of our client's objectives and expertly analyze each of their available legal options in light of the practical business, charitable, or political environment in which they operate. The expert legal solutions that this process yields reflects a mature understanding of each client's needs and real-world challenges.  

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Powerful legal solutions are not born from standardized templates and arm's length attorney-client relationships. We craft powerful, useful, and airtight legal documents that are based on our clear understanding of each client's goals. The power that our tailored solutions offer to accomplish each of our client's goals is unmatched in the legal industry.  

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Our expert, committed, and responsive firm stands ready to offer you powerful legal solutions to help you achieve your professional goals. Contact us today for your free and confidential consultation. 


We are proud of our clients. They are courageous, creative, determined, and intelligent people. They are the selfless caretakers of the less fortunate, the leaders of our communities, and the independent engines of our shared economy.  We are therefore committed to ensuring that each of our clients achieve their business, political, and charitable goals. 


Our clients have very real budgets, deadlines, and objectives. We listen carefully to each client so that we may understand their precise needs. Our responses are clear, prompt, cost-effective, and tailored to meet each client's business, political, and charitable goals.